Mini Film Review – Spy Hard

I have just re-watched Spy Hard, and it’s still pretty funny. Starring Leslie Nielsen, the film works as a spoof comedy taking scenes from many loved films with an over arching spoof directed mainly at the James Bond films. It features many characteristics of those films, plus zap’s in a few little jokes based on those elements; even going as far to include a Bond-esque opening song sung by Weird Al’ Yankovic. The rest of the film’s comedy comes in the form of minor references to major releases released not too soon before this one, with references including Pulp Fiction, Sister Act, Home Alone, Jurassic Park and Speed. Into this there are some cameo appearances too from stars including Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and Pat Morita. The film is pretty funny, but can sometimes get lost in scenes which just feel unnecessary and only added in for a few minor laughs. The early on comedy can feel a little dry at times, but then as you get half-way into the film, you get jokes which are unique to this film and in turn cause some of the most laugh out loud moments of all. Nielsen; is pure Nielsen at his comic best and is joined by a good cast of extras who in turn produce some good comedy moments. While it may not be mentioned as much as it really should be, this does not detract from what a hilarious film this is, and is worthy of a watch if you are wanting something to make you laugh!

Also, keep an ear out for the cast member who sounds a lot like Mayor Quimby!

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