18 Random Things

I just thought it might be fun to do a list featuring 18 random things. Why 18 different things? Because that’s how many categories of blog posts I feature (currently) on this blog. So I thought it might be fun/interesting to do a list/blog post featuring one item for each category. Now this could backfire, or it could end up being really weird (especially given the type of categories I have), but it might just work too. In some cases I may end up posting about something already featured/published among those categories, or something interesting about the broader topics. But let’s just see what happens; Enjoy!


1. The Raid 2 (10 Awesome Things From The Last Decade) – In my list series 10 Awesome Things from the Last Decade; in the category of films I choose films which I thought were some of the standout titles of the last decade. I have done 3 film lists so far, and am running out of titles. This one though has yet to make an appearance in the lists.


2. I Am Number Four (Books) – This is the book I am currently reading at bed time. I’m enjoying it. It’s a little different in style to what I read, plus it does something different with the idea of a hero/underdog.


3. Simon Whitlock (Darts) – Simon Whitlock is my favourite Darts Player. I first saw him play at the 2008 BDO World Championship; and the first thing that drew me to him, was his hair. It’s hard not to see it, and as the tournament continued, he kept on winning; finishing Runner Up. Since then, he has been my favourite, and am always rooting and hoping for him to do well.


4. 13 Assassins (Films) – 13 Assassins is one of my favourite films. Directed by Takashi Miike, the film stars Koji Yakusho as a Samurai who is tasked with the job of assassinating an up and coming lord who is considered a threat to the many years of peace the country has lived through. It is an interesting film, as it shows the recruitment of Samurai, their journey to the spot where the deed is done, to the great battle at the end. It’s characters are really interesting, it has great effects, and an awesome soundtrack. It is a Fantastic Movie!


5. Chocolate Strawberry Cake (Food) – This is one of my most recent creations. It is a chocolate cake, the usual recipe I now follow when making chocolate cake with strong flavored icing. It is the topped with strawberry flavored icing, with Minstrels and broken up Ripple for decoration.

Board Game Geek

6. Chocolate Factory (Games) – Chocolate Factory is a board game about running a Factory that makes Chocolate. Each player has a factory production line, with production tiles that push ingredients through the factory. Players then use machines to turn ingredients into a variety of products, and then can sell those products to corner shops and department stores.


7. Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster (Godzilla) – Ghidorah, The Three Headed monster is the fifth Godzilla film, and one of the very few films in the series that does not feature the name Godzilla in the film’s title. The film features four classic Godzilla Monsters in Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan. The film focuses on several story elements which all neatly come together for the film’s climactic finale.


8. Shapez.io (Mini (Other) Review) – Shapez.io was a surprise for me. I really wasn’t expecting anything from this game; but after playing it all weekend, it immediately became one of my favourite games of the year. It was so engrossing, yet also challenging and brain taxing, but all in a good way.


9. District 9 (Mini Film Review) – I regret doing a review for District 9, as when I look back on doing it; I can’t figure out what the point in doing it was. I am not saying District 9 is a bad film; it’s one of the best modern science fiction films in years; it’s just doing a mini film review after re-watching it to say it’s still good, just seems pointless. So that’s why I regret doing it!

Numb3r5s Blog

10. Vanilla Ninja (Music) – Vanilla Ninja are an Estonian All-Female Rock group; who I first saw perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. They’re one of the few bands/performers that I continued to follow after the contest. I have since learned a couple of their songs on Bass Guitar; and it has been fun discovering new songs recently, especially as that after a 15 year absence, they are recording new material.


11. Stone Jetty Bird (Photographs) – This is just a nice photograph I took a few months ago on a walk along the Stone Jetty in Morecambe.


12. Blastoise Is A Pokémon (Poems) – Blastoise Is A Pokémon was a poem I wrote a few years ago. The basis of the poem is about a kid trying to tell their parents the difference between Pokémon characters and Digimon characters. I used two letter orientations, or alignments to break the two speaking characters apart, and it was quite a fun poem to do.


13. Curry and Quiz Night (Quiz) – The Curry and Quiz Nights were a series of Quiz nights I organized at my old church for four years. They were a lot of fun to do, and were amongst the highlights of my year. Sadly it ended after the fourth (in 2010), but since then my mind has never exited the thought processes of making quiz questions, possibly under the hope I get to organize them again in the future.


14. Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (Something Else) – The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway is a narrow gauge railway located in Kent. It features scale model replica trains based on trains back in the heyday of Britain’s Steam Trains. I first heard about it from an old documentary in the mid 90’s, but it wasn’t until over two decades had passed that I finally got a chance to visit it with some friends for my 30th Birthday. It was a fun day out.


15. Top 5 Saxon Songs (Top 5 Lists) – On my previous blog, I did a post back in 2012 on Saxon. At the time I was getting a real kick out of their songs, and so did a post about it. I then spent that week not loading YouTube whilst studying; as all the songs I wanted to listen to were in that post. In the years that followed, this list became on of my most popular/viewed posts. I might do a follow-up post next year; see if my favourites have changed in the previous 10 years.


16. X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer (Trailers) – This is an interesting trailer. It does shine a light on some of the issues with the film in general, but this trailer doesn’t make you see that, but rather highlights things to look forward to. Things including: classic X-Men characters, scenes of destruction, and the great line spoken by Apocalypse toward the end of the trailer.


17. Surface (TV) – Surface was an experimental TV series which sadly only ran for one season. It had an interesting premise, focusing on several characters who all encounter a strange new species of creature. A creature that is huge, and can emit lightning. The show featured an incredible level of special effects to bring it’s creatures to life, but took it’s time in it’s delivery, to end on a spectacular finish, which was sadly never resolved.


18. Smackdown Intro Late 2004 (Wrestling) – I first got into wrestling in the second half of 2004, and the show I watched without fail every weekend was Smackdown. It was though a few weeks until I first got a glimpse of it’s intro, which was cool. But it didn’t last long, as a few weeks later, it was the show’s fifth anniversary, and so they brought in some new introductory titles.

So, there we have it; 18 random things. What did you think?

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