Mini Film Review – Shin Godzilla

Quite possibly, the Best Monster Movie in history, perhaps even more so than the Original Godzilla film!

Shin Godzilla sets itself apart from other film’s in the series by being as unique as possible. It achieves this through allowances of storytelling and design as well as character of the Legendary Monster. This film is a reboot to the Japanese series, and is set in the modern-day with the attack being the first time Godzilla has Attacked Japan. The modern-day setting also allows references to our modern lives with scenes involving government officials needing to find out whose jurisdiction Godzilla’s appearance is, before then having to file paperwork and legislation before proceeding with a solution! Meanwhile Godzilla, who is a very different beast; goes on the rampage, and evolves as he does it. It’s like a natural disaster occurring before your eyes, only for it to get even worse as time goes on as it changes shape and ability creating the ultimate disaster! A very unique film in a long running franchise which creates a monster terror for the modern age with good character development, great uses of narrative from Science Fiction to Government Policy in a unique situation, to a truly terrifying monster. It is a film which should and must be seen! 

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