Top 5 Godzilla Monsters That Only Appeared In One Film

In a series featuring 35+ films, Godzilla has fought at least one other giant monster in all but four-ish films. Among many other things, it’s one thing the series is well known for, that Godzilla will fight at least one other creature. On many occasions he has fought more than that, and in some cases has even partnered up with some too. But it’s also well known that many of these giant monsters; friend or foe, have appeared in more than one film! Continue reading “Top 5 Godzilla Monsters That Only Appeared In One Film”


A civilization that disappeared over 10,000 years ago; has reappeared, and is threatening the whole world with total destruction. All hope now rests on a an old submarine Captain and his new secret weapon. But he has an ulterior motive in mind! Continue reading “Atragon”

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