Fizzy Dummies

Haribo has a great variety of sweets to choose from. If you buy one of their variety bags, you are sure to find something in one of those packets that is the right sweet fit for you. Be it Fried Eggs or Gummy Bears, they have a great mix to choose from. My Favourite Haribo Sweet is Fizzy Dummies. I like all kinds of sweets. Some of my favourites include Gobstoppers, varieties of the Cola Bottle, Rings, and the pretty recent (at least to me) Fizzy Watermelon sweets.

But when it comes to Haribo, I prefer getting a bag of Tangfastics – or whatever they’re calling them now. Tangfastics have a great range to choose from, but for many years Fizzy Dummies are my favourite. For one, they’re a pretty good size, and the taste that matches with the sugar-coating, creates a sweet sour taste which you just don’t get with the rest of the sweets in the packet.

Fizzy Dummies are not only unique to Haribo, as other brands do sell them, but to me, they aren’t as good as Haribo’s version. I would be absolutely happy if Haribo just sold packets full of Fizzy Dummies, that would be my perfect Haribo Packet. But as far as I am aware; no such thing exists.


Anyway, just thought I would write a post about my favourite Haribo Sweet; What is yours?

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  1. I’m always fascinated by what flavours people get in other countries, in Haribo’s home country Germany we don’t have many of these flavours. Especially sour flavours are quite disappointing here.


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