Top 3 Films Of 2019

Going to do something a little different this year! 2019 has been an ok year for films. There has been some really good stuff, as well as some disappointing stuff too. Many of the films I was looking forward to most, didn’t match my anticipation for them; and it felt like a long slog to the finish line as the movie calendar drew to a close. For me, the calendar year of movies is a hard one to get into fully as I don’t have the financial capability of seeing absolutely every movie, as a result I spend my coins on what I want to see most. This though can be a bit of a double edged sword, as spending money on a movie ticket does not guarantee a good movie. Films I was looking forward to in this case then can become damp squibs; such as: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Hellboy and Ad Astra to name but a few. That isn’t to say though that all movies I went to see this year were bad, some were pretty decent like Fighting With My Family.

When I come to do these end of year lists, I always mention films that came out this year rather than things that didn’t that I watched on DVD or TV for the first time, which again is a bit of a double edged sword as it means I can’t mention brilliant films like Unbreakable or Hunt For The Wilderpeople. In many cases I don’t get to see the other things I would have liked to have seen, or didn’t get round to seeing, or decided not to see at all; like Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.


Usually as the year ticks on I keep a running list in my head of what my favourite films of the year have been, but this year I am struggling to pick from my top 3; and in what order! So, this year I am going to do something a bit different. Instead of doing a breakdown top 3 finish, I am going to do a top 3 photo finish, not listing them in any particular order, but rather in a random-ish order of what my top 3 equal films/film of the year are. Yeah, they are not exactly equal, but instead of having to pick my number one, they are all number one in this instance. All 3 have been standouts of my year, all year, and trying to pick my number one has been a bit hard; so I’ll leave that up to you. So without any further waffling, here are my Top 3 Films from 2019.


3. Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Yep, lets get the obvious one out of the way first. I actually struggled to enjoy this one the first time I saw it; so I went to see it one more time. It’s not the best Godzilla film of the decade and does lack a little behind the 2014 film. This is down to some of the story and the characters chosen, but the Monsters are simply Epic, and there is plenty of them. For a Godzilla fan, there is plenty to love, and King Ghidorah is as majestic as I had been hoping for (over the last 5 years!).


2. Joker – Joker was a strange one in the mix of the year as though while it is set in the superhero genre, Joker isn’t a superhero movie. The story is a very personal drama about the tragic life of the film’s titular character. It is very gripping, very dark , and very sad. There are moments of elation, with pieces of well delivered shocks and frights too. It takes the period its set in and runs with it brilliantly, with some comedic moments, but mostly horrific ones too. It’s a film that will ironically leave a smile on your face, and ironically turns a bad guy into someone worth rooting for; whilst turning good guys into horrendous bad ones.


1. Pokémon Detective Pikachu – Possibly the weirdest release of the year, but a really good one at that. Using Ryan Reynolds‘s brilliant Deadpool-esque comedic talent in a kids-ish film. Detective Pikachu immerses itself into the world of Pokémon, by creating a science fiction ridden crime story. It features plenty for Pokémon fans old and new to sink their teeth’s into, whilst creating a funny and ridiculous story that will keep them engaged from start to finish.

So, there are my Top 3 photo-finish films of the year. Which one (or none) of those is your number 1 pick?

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