Mini Board Game Review – Jaws

Last night I played Jaws; and it was really enjoyable! Released by Ravensburger, and based on the film of the same name directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws is a semi co-operative board game for 4 players where one plays as the shark, while three others play as the Orca crew trying to stop it. The game is played over two acts; the first one involves the shark moving around the board eating as many swimmers as it can whilst the crew tries to find it. The second act involves a battle at sea against the shark aboard the Orca. The game is nicely designed, and it’s two act structure follows the theme of the original film nicely, providing moments for the fans of the film to consider and enjoy. It also creates a cool mechanic for act 2, in that depending on player’s performances in the first act; can either hinder them or give them a great advantage. Both acts also provide varying degrees of play, as whilst one is about looking for the shark and tagging barrels onto it, the second act is more like a battle at sea.┬áThe mechanic of the shark’s movement being a complete mystery to the crew players is pretty cool too!

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