Mini Film Review – Crocodile Dundee

I have just watched Crocodile Dundee; and I was rather lost! Directed by Peter Faiman, and starring Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski; Crocodile Dundee is a comedy adventure film about an eccentric Crocodile poacher who is approached to stay in New York City by an American journalist. What looks like an Australian take on the story of Tarzan, is rather lost in my viewing. I found it very hard to follow, and by thirty minutes in, I was completely lost, and stayed that way all throughout the film. There were bits that raised a smile, and Paul Hogan was a delight throughout, but I just couldn’t understand the purpose of the film! It seemed less like a story, and more like a cavalcade of comedic adventures in the big city; and while to some audiences that may be enough; for me it just made the whole experience go by like a blur of confusion!

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