Mini Book Review – Savage Island

Recently I have been reading Savage Island; and it was pretty good! Written by Bryony Pearce, and published by Stripes Publishing; Savage Island is a Teen Horror novel about a group of friends who take part in a geocache event, where things slowly turn desperate! The idea of the book is a cool one as it creates suggestions and references to other similar books such as The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. The book is actually smaller in scale to those and is pretty simple to follow, creating a cool and interesting cast of characters as well as dynamics between them. It also has some background to the story, which help in the lead-up to it’s shattering final chapters. It is good, but; for a horror story, it does take quite a bit of time for anything scary to actually happen; it spends a lot of time building up to things, only then to slowly drive the knife in! It really starts flying as the story reaches it’s conclusion, but it could have done it much sooner though! The ending is pretty cool, but just leaves more questions than answers and is not so easy to understand, it’s rather anti-climactic! It’s a cool and enjoyable read, but if you are wanting scares, it might not be the quickest solution!

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