Video Game Trailers – Twisted Metal

I first played a Twisted Metal game during the 1990’s; a friend of my brother’s had brought a PlayStation 1 over with him one day after school, and they played what I think was the second game in the series! I had a little play on it, had no real idea as to what I was doing, it was a purple car with some guns on it. Anyway, that was the first time I played a Twisted Metal game. As the years went by I saw pictures of the games, and could faintly remember playing that one I played all those years ago, but I could not remember the name of it.


Then during the Sony press conference at E3 2010, a game was announced called Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3, and it looked strangely familiar. I wasn’t necessarily shocked or taken aback by the announcement, I just sort of recognized the game, from the scary-ish clown, to his ice cream truck. But from that announcement, plus details of it’s gameplay; I was hooked, and instantly wanted to play it.

So, as the months went by I was transfixed by the announcement of this game, and was constantly watching videos from the announcement to learn more about it. Plus, there was a pretty decent trailer for it too. The trailer was made up of two parts, firstly you had the announcement trailer showing two arguing cab drivers, who after driving off fail to notice a group of clowns with flaming hair-dos; the leader of which lights his hair on fire with one of the cab driver’s cigarettes. This is then immediately followed by a gameplay trailer.


The gameplay trailer side is something of a condensed rock concert featuring the song Raise The Flag by Airbourne, whilst all around it is this epic montage of things that happen within the game. It shows characters driving around a broken city, chasing after one another, and of course shooting guns at one another. But this is just a minor formality, as the mayhem on show just continues. We see flaming chainsaw’s, a madman being launched out of a an ambulance chasing after a player on his hospital bed, we see rockets flying around, a clock tower getting demolished, the giant reel from a cinema rolling across the screen, a water tower crashing to the ground, cars chasing after each other through a posh looking house, and robots running around motorways too! Plus much, much more! And to add icing to the cake, Sweet Tooth says the greatly spoken line: “It’s Good to be Back!”

It’s a mad, mad trailer, but it looks like soo much fun to play too!

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