Mini Film Review – San Andreas

Yesterday I watched San Andreas; and I rather enjoyed it! Directed by Brad Peyton, and starring Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, and Carla Gugino; San Andreas is a disaster movie, which follows the day of a helicopter rescue pilot who tries to save his family in the wake of a massive earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault. San Andreas was a very enjoyable experience; my attention was constantly glued to the screen, and was never drawn away from exhaustion or boredom. The effects are mostly brilliant (the bouncing car plummeting down the mountain at the start didn’t look all that realistic), but the main draw are the film’s stars, as they are all (except for Ioan Gruffudd) characters to root for, and people you want to see make it; although it did feel like Paul Giamatti was rather held back for a few short scenes, and should have had more of a part. The ending is rather cliched, as it feels like after all that, maybe a quick quip would have been more aesthetically enjoyable. The film on the whole though is an enjoyable disaster thriller, with destruction scenes plenty and never ending, roughly at the same frequency as the Zombie attacks in World War Z. So; altogether, a very enjoyable film!

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