Mini Book Review – The Demon Headmaster And The Prime Minister’s Brain

Recently I have been reading The Demon Headmaster And The Prime Minister’s Brain; and it was really good! Written by Gillian Cross, and published by OUP Oxford; The Demon Headmaster And The Prime Minister’s Brain is the second book in the The Demon Headmaster series of books. After vanquishing the Demon Headmaster in the previous book, everyone at school is now hooked into a new computer game called Octopus Dare, a game which only Dinah Hunter is any good at. But after she is accepted into the game’s competition finals, she discovers to her horror who created the game in the first place! If this story may sound familiar to you, then well done in spotting that yes, it is also the story used for the second half, of the first series; of the 1996 Demon Headmaster TV series. The story is an interesting one, and though while short is very descriptive in painting the picture needed for the reader to be able to see what the world looks like. It’s also an interesting thing to read if like me you’ve only seen the TV adaptation before reading it. It’s fun, but still carries plenty of drama, plus it’s so easy to get into. You’ll be hooked no matter what reading age group you fit into. It maybe short, but it’s not certainly sweet, as though while it does create sweet new characters, it still creates that itching feeling like this time; the Demon Headmaster is going to get away with it. But on the upside it does bring back happy memories of watching the TV series too!

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