Top 5 Borderlands Games

I love Borderlands; it’s easily one of my favourite video game series! Although to make it there, did take some time. When the first game was released, I just took no interest. Didn’t appeal to me. The first time I got any real idea as to what it was, was from an episode of Zero Punctuation.

My first real taste of the game came when my brother bought me a copy of it on Steam for Christmas. I saw it, and panicked, because it kind of looked like Fallout 3 (which I had a bad experience of). Even when I played it with my brother in co-op for the first time, I had no idea what I was doing, or what any of it was for. There was some enjoyment to be had, but it was just OK.┬áThen I had another go at it, in single player, and then got my head into the game, and enjoyed it…a lot. From then on, I became a Borderlands fan, and have played every major release since then.


I don’t know exactly what it is I like about Borderlands. It could because it’s a good old First Person Shooter with RPG elements. It could be because of the comedy, the story, the exploration. Or perhaps it could be because it’s just soo much fun to play. I don’t know, but I like Borderlands, and for now that’s maybe all I really need to know. Saying that though, doesn’t really help when trying to write a post about which is my personal favourite. But I shall prosper on.


So, with the release of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (‘FINALLY!’) on Steam (and also with a decent internet connection for the first time in weeks), I thought for a bit of fun, I would choose my top 5 favourite Borderlands Games to share with you all. So, without further ado, here are My Top 5 Favourite Borderlands Games; Enjoy!


5. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Borderlands 2 is an awesome game, but because it’s story and setting is quite a leap forward from the first game, it sort of made sense then to make a prequel, to Borderlands 2 then. Which in a way is what we got, but at the same time is sadly what we got. It starts out like any normal Borderlands game, and does have it’s moments, such as the awesome Grinder, which allows you to dispose of weapons, and create potentially better new ones. The game though gets repetitive very quickly, and you can feel like you are retracing your steps constantly, and not making any progress, on a set of pretty bland maps. It’s a real shame really as it was a good opportunity, but it was rather poorly executed!


4. Tales From The Borderlands – This one isn’t really a Borderlands game, more a Telltale game set in the world of the Borderlands. The game features the same episodic format as many other Telltale games, with the same level of player input. But it does utilize it’s setting rather well. The first couple of episodes are a bit plain, with the occasional piece of excitement. But episodes three to five are much more thought and planned out, and begin to feel more like you are playing a Borderlands game, with some surprising as well as funny results too!


3. Borderlands 2 – Borderlands 2 is an Awesome game, make no doubt about it. It takes the player on a journey through more of the hidden landscapes the first game didn’t touch upon. It adds new player characters, whilst including the return of previously introduced characters too. For the most part it’s the same as before, more looting and shooting. But this time the story is more apparent, where as in the first game it felt like an addition. This time around, you are the hero from the start, no doubt about it. And you must save the day from self proclaimed ‘hero’ Handsome Jack. The only thing that I do have an issue with, is that there’s a double boss battle later on, but after this the game just continues, but then you are kind of exhausted, and just want to conclude it there; rather than carry on some more!


2. Borderlands 3 – Playing Borderlands 3 after quite a few years since the last major release, was like a breath of fresh air. It was like returning to the first game, and enjoying everything that made it so enjoyable and more, all over again. It carries the same traditions as previous entries, but then goes one further, by flying into outer space, and visiting other planets. OK, the planet Promethea can get a bit pre-sequel repetitive and bland, but the rest feel like pure gold, such as Eden-6, which allows you the chance to shoot at Dinosaurs; what more could you want?!


1. Borderlands – It’s really hard to describe why the first Borderlands is still the best, perhaps it’s because it’s the purest experience. It has a story, but in that Half-Life sense of the word, where it’s there if you want it, but doesn’t hold your fun back, it’s not the be all and end all. The game on the whole is an interesting experience because it feels just so out there and kind of off, compared to the usual kind of game you would perhaps be more expecting to play. From the funky vehicle sections, to the maps and wildlife, to the unique bosses, plus the collection of firepower on display. It could be then that this game is the best one, because it actually feels like a game, it’s silly, comedic, action packed and adrenaline pumping, packing a real challenge, which creates a real buzz of satisfaction once overcome. It’s just fun, the ultimate definition of a fun video game!

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