Godzilla: Final Wars

The whole world is under attack by Giant Monsters, but suddenly they disappear with the arrival of an an alien race whose motives appear friendly. The world celebrates, but a group of government employees discover the aliens true intentions, and just like that, the alien’s re-release the giant monsters onto the world once more! Continue reading “Godzilla: Final Wars”

My 2020 Song

In December 2018; I passed my driving test (first time). In the weeks that followed I became acclimatized to driving my Mam’s car as I drove around town to go to the shops, see friends, and go to board games. Anyway; very soon after I passed my test, I started listening to music in the car; the first CD I listened to being the live chapter of Iron Maiden‘s Book of Souls, which I listened to for about 5 months before I switched to something else. Continue reading “My 2020 Song”

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