Mini Film Review – Redcon-1

Late in the movie going year comes this interesting mix of World War Z stirred in with Battle Los Angeles with a sprinkle of The Raid for extra spice. Redcon-1 creates a tale very similar to 28 Weeks Later, with Zombie Hordes carrying a virus which spreads through blood and bites, and the world’s military is brought in to try to rectify the problem. The film comes packed with great moments of interpersonal drama and really good, fast and hard kicking fight scenes which is where this film is at it’s best. It also has a good leading cast with special mention for its leads in Oris Erhuero and Mark Strange, who create amazing chemistry as they butt heads and fight as one. The only problem is the plot, which I do not understand one bit: It’s so mixed up, it’s all over the place, and as the film reaches it’s believed crescendo it throws yet more spanners in the already broken mix which just leaves a sour taste which drains your mind for the rest of the film! It’s a constant battle as you try to understand everyone else’s motives at key points which don’t make the least bit sense and the film doesn’t really attempt to rectify them, they just happen. The last half of the film is just this slow boil of overcooked narrative which makes you fidget in your seat as you are no longer grabbed. Action is where this film thrives and it’s worth seeing to see those moments, but the ending is like a slowed down attempt to milk an epic end battle between all sides: for crying out loud, Speed it up! It’s worth seeing for its fights and it’s drama in the first half as well as it’s interesting military characters; but don’t expect much from the whole experience.

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