Mini Film Review – Blackfish

It’s simply one of the most chilling films I have ever seen. Blackfish is a docu-film surrounding events taken place mainly at SeaWorld involving attacks on humans by Killer Whales in Captivity; taking a special look at a male whale called Tilikum who has been directly involved in 3 human fatalities, but all the time has been kept on because of reasons including siring and cuddly toy sales. Blackfish looks into these incidents, and really focuses in on SeaWorld as it presents a suggestion that SeaWorld has attempted to hide/lie/cover up these events as accidents, placing the blame on anything and everything possible, except the whales; despite strong evidence which points directly at the whales themselves and how they have been treated over their time in captivity. It presents ideas that a corporation like SeaWorld has done whatever they can just to spin these events as accidents and as the faults of others (who are unable to give their own variation on them), just so they can keep on making money. It is a very chilling documentary, one that is very informative on these events plus what these whales are like in the big wide world. I highly recommend that you see this film if you get the chance: It will chill you to the very core of your bones, but you will not regret watching a very entertaining and also informative documentary. 

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