8 Pokemon That Should Be In Pokkén Tournament

I have owned a Nintendo Switch since it was first released in the UK, and there are some really good games out for it. One stand out game for the console is the Pokémon themed fighting game: Pokken Tournament DX. Out of all the games I have played on the console so far, this one is definitely amongst my favourites.
It’s a game which features Pokémon in it, but instead of the usual Pokémon game where you need to go exploring and collect them, this one has several pre-selected creatures you can choose from, to fight each other in a Tekken like game style.


The Pokémon chosen are all pretty good and have their own styles of fighting and special moves; I do feel though that there are some that definitely should be in it and are currently missing. Since the game’s release on Switch there have been a couple of new additions in the form of Aegislash and Blastoise.

Recently I have been using Blastoise in the career mode and find him a fun addition to the game, but I still feel there could be certain others. I tried whittling down my choices to just five, and while I was happy with the top two, the other three I wasn’t so sure of. So, instead of a simple top 5 list, here are several worthy fighters who I feel need to be added in the future.

Golem – I used to be absolutely fascinated by Golem when I was young. I thought he was Awesome. His ball like body and size, plus his stature made him look like an impressive monster in the Pokémon franchise. The game already has Machamp as a character and while he stands more as a brawler, Golem could be more technical in moves. Punching maybe harder for Golem given his shape, but he could be open to more technical moves in a similar fashion to Darkrai, and use his ball shape and weight in a similar fashion to Blastoise.

Feraligatr – Feraligatr stands very easily in a brawling position. He his a grapple based fighter by comfort and stance, and so would be great representation of grapple based combat in a fighting game featuring several different styles of fighting.

Slowbro – Where as the two Pokémon mentioned above would rely more on technical based forms of combat, Slowbro would be a simple striker. Slowbro’s design by nature is to allow his front legs to be free from supporting his body and to use those front legs as arms to a more effective use. So, while Slowbro could use the Shellder on his tail to whack opponents quite hard, his main arsenal and power would come from his front arms to strike at opponents. What’s quite clever about his design is that he is basically a forward facing fighter, and with his body and Shellder tail on a pivot either side of his legs, he can turn round on the tip of a pencil quite easily maintaining direct facing of his enemy at all times.

Marill – Marill has small arms, maybe not much then for striking or throwing. But Marill has a massive ball at the end of its tail, which could be used like a medieval mace!

Ampharos – Ampharos is an interesting one as with enough training in the games themselves; can become a serious heavyweight threat. Ampharos in a game like Pokken Tournament would be more of a technical fighter who could both strike, grapple and throw; but it’s true fighting style would be in the form of the unpredictable, as you don’t know what style it would fight with upon simply looking at it. It’s special move above all though would be a high charged electric move like a Thunder Punch, which would knock other fighters out upon landing.

Entei – Entei looks threatening just looking at him, and given what he was like in the third Pokémon Movie, you wouldn’t need to know much just to know how strong and opposing he is. While he may not have a bipedal stance, his fight would come in the form of an animalistic onslaught, like you were being set upon by a cross between a Bull and a Tiger. Add into this his firepower, and you have one serious fighting machine.

Primeape – Primeape may look small, but he is a ferocious beast. He is basically an energy charged Gorilla. He can deliver some swift strikes from his fists, and his legs could do the same. By and large he would be a speedy and swift striker with some big body moves added to his arsenal. He is a pure fighter!

Hitmonlee – Hitmonlee without a doubt is the main Pokémon missing from this game. It’s a Tekken style Pokémon game, and you don’t have the one Pokémon that above all others would be a straight contender for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Hitmonlee is a Kicking Master, and watching him in a fighting game like this would be a blur of kick after kick. He is the Pokémon King of Strong Style and above all others missing, is the one character that should be in this game!

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