Top 5 Films of 2018

2018 is finally nearly over. It has been an up and down year and I am looking forward to a new year with hopefully new and better opportunities; and of course, One Big Lizard! Movies released in 2018 were plentiful with many major releases, although some of these were a bit wet in the end. Yeah; 2018 has had its disappointments in the movie schedules, many of which were films I was looking forward to. Many of these films weren’t all that bad of a disappointment, they were more just films that promised a bit too much but maybe didn’t deliver all that much. Many of these were minor disappointments to me, the only real big one was The Happytime Murders. It had possibly the funniest and one of the best trailers of all films released this year, but when it came to the actual film itself; its arsenal dried up real quick!

Most of the films I saw this year I would say have been enjoyable none-the-less. So, here is my Top 5 Favourite films of this year (are any of these films in your Top 5?):


5. Mortal Engines – Given the number of disappointments to me this year from films I was looking forward to, it was quite easy for this film to enter my Top 5; why? Because it was such an awe-inspiring and fun film. The plot and characters do have their issues but still work hard. The thing that works well for this film is its eye-popping special effects. The city of London is amazing and makes me want to see it more and more. The action works well into this and altogether this film really is more a feast for the eyes than anything else. Altogether it is just a fun film, and to me, is the film that Avatar should have been.


4. Rampage – There has been a lot of major Monster Movies this year (if you include Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and two of these films feature on this list (read on to discover the other). Rampage was released about a month or so after Pacific Rim: Uprising which was a film I had been looking forward to since the release of the first Pacific Rim. Uprising was a pretty good film, Rampage though was just that little bit more fun. Rampage made good use of it’s cast which from a trailer stand point looked a bit weak, but excelled themselves by comparison in the actual film. The Monster’s were brilliant and the set pieces were jaw-dropping; add into this the all monster Battle-Royale-Finale, and altogether you have this monster movie which at heart was just such an enjoyable film.


3. Deadpool 2 – The first Deadpool was my favourite film of 2016, so this one had a lot to live up to. Before being released it gave us some really good trailers including the one that introduced the works of Bob Ross to me (I am now a fan). I went to see the sequel to Deadpool, and I was not disappointed. It was as fun and as hilarious as the preceding film, featuring nice action pieces and introducing as well as re-introducing classic X-Men characters. The film’s plot was a good story, the cast were pretty good too, and it was laugh out loud funny. All-in, it was the sequel we had been waiting for (and hoping that Disney doesn’t go and ruin the character from here on in)!


2. The Meg – The other Monster Movie on this list, and my favourite of all Monster Movies released this year. The Meg was a film I had my eye on for a while. While I liked the idea of it, I did wonder if it would work out: CGI Sharks are not usually all that good. The first trailer made me worry a little more; but I needn’t have worried, as I came out of the cinema absolutely loving it. The Meg was an awesome movie and a fun one too. It had its moments of tension and suspension as well as its big action pieces and a Lake Placid like reveal. At times the film would get a little silly, but it didn’t take itself too seriously at those moments, instead taking a silly scene and just going with it to make a silly scene on purpose and as enjoyable as possible. More Please!


1. The Shape of Water – From the moment I saw this film, it became clear that all other films due for release this year had a fight on their hands! Guillermo del Toro has created a beautiful film that is like a contemporary fairytale. Sally Hawkins is magnificent, and the film uses it’s period setting to create brutal intrigue and simultaneously ask questions as to what beauty really is and who or what a monster really is. It’s a film that is dark yet beautiful, violent yet sweet, tense but harmonic. It is truly a beautiful film.


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