Theme Song For Brexit

I have genuinely stopped caring for/about Brexit! I voted for remain in 2016, the reason being, I followed the song lyrics (which I only discovered today were sung by Kylie Minogue); ‘Better the Devil you know‘, which I drew from a moment in an episode of Scrubs and a small clip from The Friday Night Armistice.

I am not a re-moaner in any way shape or form, I respect the democratic process and believe it is important to vote. Brexit however has since the referendum become so convoluted in nonsense that it has dissuaded me from looking up or reading the news for half a year now. It’s ruined Question Time as each week it’s just “Brexit! Brexit! Brexit!” The vote was to choose to stay or go, and the decision is to go. But now it’s apparently not that easy as it’s all about deals now, and it has come to the point that leaving isn’t enough and it’s all doom and gloom for a no deal solution and there is so much desire for another referendum. I am all happy just to go and see what happens! I am pretty sure this country isn’t made of referendums! How many does the country need to have?

I could go on, but I really don’t want to:

  1. I don’t care anymore,
  2. I don’t want to hear anymore (until something actually, genuinely happens),
  3. More importantly, Brexit doesn’t have a theme song.

In the world of politics and elections, it is not uncommon for a campaign to feature a political theme song. The benefit of this is that it makes a candidate stand out better, plus it makes the whole thing that little bit more interesting. Instead of drone voices speaking, a piece of good music works out. Sometime this though can go wrong as politicians have shown in the past that they don’t really listen to more popular pieces of music not have ever read the lyrics. This has caused issues in the past with a notable occurrence being Ronald Raegan‘s choice of music for his campaign. Music though does stand out over the dreary voices of politics, and can work if the right piece of music is chosen for the campaign. There is also the argument of course that the wrong piece of music could be chosen, and a dictator could find his way to lead a country if he chose the slightly more catchier theme tune.

Anyway, I have not once heard a piece of music for the Brexit campaign, it could be why Brexit (at least to me) is so dreary. I do though think I have found the perfect piece of music for this thing called Brexit: Puff Daddy‘s Come With Me! It’s a song which features Led Zeppelin‘s Kashmir as it’s tune and featuring P Diddy’s own lyrics. All that needs changing is the word ‘come’ with ‘leave’ and we are all ready and sorted.

That’s what I think the theme song for Brexit should be anyway, what do you think (should be the theme song for Brexit)?

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