Tyrannosaur is a collection of short stories published on Amazon this past week and written by myself. I have been working on publishing the book for over a year and after some lengthy period I finally published it on Amazon this past weekend. The book is a collection of short stories I have written over the last few years, with the earliest story dating back to 2012. It features quite a few pieces which rank among some of my best work to date. Many of the pieces have been performed at Open Mic Nights and in front of groups; with one of them in particular being made into a short film a few years ago.

The book is available in both Kindle and Paperback forms and includes stories about Dinosaurs, Animals, Bored Superheroes, Naughty Children and an Armed Robbery in a Coffee Shop. The book’s main genres are in Humour and Horror, with many stories (not all) being aimed at younger readers. The cover art was done by my friend Matt who also does Stop-Motion-Animation videos on YouTube.

The book as previously mentioned is available in both Kindle and paperback forms, and from tomorrow for 5 days: The Kindle version of the book is free to all who wish to procure a copy.  Please take a look, and (if you want to), purchase one too. Enjoy.

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