Mini Film Review – In This Corner Of The World

In This Corner Of The World is an interesting animated film. It tells the ordinary life story of a young girl during the tumultuous period of life near Hiroshima leading to the dropping of the Bomb. Not sure what to make of it really, it is a very enjoyable film which seeks to show and tell the lives of ordinary people during that period, but the narrative seems to be either unreliable or a lack of! It seems to take up a whole hour just to set up, although this works in the favour of the main character who you grow to feel for throughout. The last hour of the film seems to be where it’s at, but again it feels like there is no real story here and is really just showing skits/scenes/scenarios. It has moments of joy/hardship but also moments that will put a smile on your face as well as those that will shock you to a point where you’ll wonder what a shock really is! While it could be more for an acquired taste, I did enjoy watching it, plus the opportunity to view it. 

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