Mini Video Game Review – Tomb Raider (2013)

I have just finished playing Tomb Raider on Steam; and it was pretty good! My only experience playing a Tomb Raider game before this one, was a PC demo for the original back in the late 90’s. This game stands as more of a reboot to the series going back to look into Lara’s roots. It was a pretty fun experience on the whole. The story felt a bit obvious at times as it does very little to turn your thoughts elsewhere. You can piece the story together by simply listening to the many henchman you shoot arrows through, so there is very little room for surprise and it makes Lara look a bit slow on the whole. Also the game can’t make it’s mind up about how Quick Time Events are done and this can become very frustrating! Everything else though is pretty well done. The story is still pretty interesting and it makes the whole linear experience seem worthwhile as it gives you an incentive to keep going. The initial chapters can be very scary at times, but then it goes on to become more of an action tale. The voice cast are terrific with special mention for Lara (Camilla Luddington), Sam (Arden Cho) and Roth (Robin Atkin Downes) who is something of a cool badass. The controls are a bit iffy but as you get used to them they become second nature and add a little extra depth of interaction when it comes to the cool puzzles you have to complete. Altogether it was a very enjoyable game and one I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. A splendid mixture of Action, Horror and Survival that leaves me craving for more.

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