Mini Film Review – Howl’s Moving Castle

The other week I re-watched Howl’s Moving Castle, and I am as confused as ever. I love the works of Studio Ghibli, and while at times they can be confusing in their story telling, I have always managed to discover plot ends and twists and come to a great understanding of what the film is trying to say, but that is the third time I have seen Howl’s Moving Castle and I still don’t know what’s happening! The Art and Animation is brilliant, and the Castle design and inception is pure brilliance. The music is nice too, and the film does create some innovative ideas on the use of Magic, especially how the door works…but I am at a complete loss with everything else. I still have many more Ghibli films to watch, but this one for me does not even breach my favourites list; it’s all rather disappointing really!

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