My To Be Watched DVD Pile

I have a very large collection of DVD’s. Now while streaming and download options have become available in recent years, I still prefer to buy DVD’s. One benefit with keeping the DVD’s over watching them online is that the DVD’s I bought many years ago are mine to own, whilst if I got rid of them, I would have to repurchase them. If there was some way of keeping ownership of the film’s in my DVD library but online without having to rebuy them, then well that would be cool. Another benefit especially with my DVD library is that some of the film’s in it, aren’t available online on any marketplace in the UK; those films being my extensive collection of Japanese Monster Movies. This though is more down to no-one considering picking up the UK distribution rights to those films, which in itself is pretty annoying!

Japanese Monster Movie DVD's

Anyway; since nearly a decade ago, I have kept an up-to-date catalogue of my Movie DVD’s in Excel. Whenever I bought a new DVD I would catalogue it into the spreadsheet. It’s there less for knowing what I have, and more for knowing what I have when I have guests round for a Movie Night, as I let them choose which film we watch. Altogether I have a DVD collection of 149 movies on DVD; sort of.


Since purchasing a lot of those DVD’s, some of the film’s I have bought I have never actually watched. When I bought them, I added them to my DVD collection no problem, but in recent years I have removed them from the list and that section of the shelf. I just thought it might be best to watch them before adding them to the shelves properly. Well, that pile has now grown quite significantly.

From a pure gazing across the room from it’s a pile of about 17 DVD’s. It’s quite a pile and features things from World Cinema, to Studio Ghibli releases, to more random pick-ups from CEX and HMV, to even some classic big budget releases. Some of them I have seen either from glances on TV, to minor previews of the DVD’s themselves, or glances online. The films include (but are not limited to):


Two of the films in the pile are ones I have actually seen before, but are in the pile for another reason, the desire/need to watch them again to see if I like them. I saw Pokémon 2000 at the cinema in late 2000, I bought it on DVD in the last year, but wanted to see if I liked it still before I added it to my actual library. I have also seen Attack on Titan: Part 1 – the first of two live action films based on the franchise, but didn’t get round to watching Part 2 in a good amount of time, so part of me feels like I should watch the first one again.

Another film which sort of breaks the pile is one that isn’t in it. It’s well-known that I am a fan of Godzilla films; but there 3 or 4 I haven’t seen yet. I remember watching bits of Son of Godzilla when I was very young, but I don’t remember seeing the whole thing. The upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, has not been released yet so that one I haven’t seen. And then there is the third of the Netflix Anime trilogy too. But the one that breaks the pile is a Godzilla film I have had on DVD since about 2012, but I have just not watched yet. It’s not in the pile because I just keep forgetting about it; and that’s Invasion of Astro-Monster. I just keep forgetting that I have it on DVD, and also keep forgetting to add it to the unwatched pile.


So yeah, my DVD library is a bit broken by piles and shelves which them too are broken. I do intend to watch these films at some point as they are films I do want to watch and bought them for this sole purpose, it’s just maybe that they either slipped my mind over the years, or like many things, I don’t have much drive to watch them right now.

I could watch one tonight I suppose, if I get round to it…

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