Movie Trailers – Iron Sky

Back in 2010, I discovered Kermode Uncut: Mark Kermode‘s personal blog on the BBC website. On that blog I discovered a story about some movie involving Nazi‘s on the Moon! It was in many respects a totally ridiculous idea for a film; but one thing though made the whole idea seem really interesting though, and that was a clip of the film’s trailer. From that point on, I was really hooked into the idea.

Iron Sky is a 2012 Science Fiction Comedy movie about, well; Nazi’s on the Moon. The story follows the idea that at the end of World War 2, the Nazi’s fled into space and landed on the dark side of the Moon, where they rebuilt in the hopes of one day returning to Earth and taking back control. The movie itself was, sadly not as good as the idea was. For me, I was really hooked onto the idea of the film and really wanted to see it, but it just didn’t deliver for me on what I was wanting it to be. In many respects, the original teaser trailer I watched was a whole lot better than the actual film.


The trailer for Iron Sky features some gripping but also powerful imagery backed up with a rather dark and ominous soundtrack. It begins with the marching of soldiers as they enter their UFO. This image alone creates visions of scenes from games such as Killzone. The opening credits helps to build up to this moment as the first elements of the soundtrack can be heard which beats to the sound of marching soldiers, as that opening shot doesn’t fade in, but rather just drops directly in front of you!


This scene is followed with shots of the infamous salute, plus the take-off of some of the ships. The soundtrack then goes slightly more melodic as it features a more classical German piece, as the invasion force takes off. This then returns to the old theme, as tons of spaceships fill the sky, providing a shot very similar to that of the scene in Independence Day when the city sized ships disembark from the mothership. The film then plasters in some dialogue rooting the idea in it’s comedy direction, whilst also requesting finance for the film’s production as it wasn’t made when this teaser was released.

Iron Sky as a film was a very interesting proposal, but sadly one that wasn’t necessarily developed as well! One thing though we did get out of this was this trailer. It features incredible imagery with a very hard hitting soundtrack, that presents an idea for a film that was (for a time), one of the most interesting films in development!


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