Mini Video Game Review – Far Cry Primal

I have just finished playing Far Cry Primal; and it wasn’t too bad! Far Cry Primal is different to the other games in the Far Cry series as it’s set in the age of the Caveman and there isn’t a gun in sight. Set in the land of Oros, Primal is about a hunter named Takkar who tries to free the land of two oppressing factions and make the land safe for his people: The Wenja. The main weapons of the game: Clubs, Spears, as well as the Bow and Arrow can be selected on a weapon selector menu which is easy to use, but also very annoying as the game makes assumptions as to which version of that weapon you want; which is very irritating! The bow and Arrow are rather hit and miss as to how much damage they decide to cause; although the Spear is actually a rather fun weapon to use and one that actually feels most gratifying to master. Some grenade-like items can also be crafted which too his rather hit and miss although the Bee Hive is not just very useful but also rather fun. The game on the whole is rather hit and miss; the enemies are ok, but the two boss fights are near impossible, even on easy mode. The environment and pre-historic animals are well created and features some amazing landscaping; but animal attacks can be annoying; especially when all you have to know where they are there most of the time is the Min-Map. Healing and Fire are as annoying as always, as this Far Cry (like all the others) still does the thing where you can only heal being on fire, when the game tells you that you are on fire, not when you can see it for yourself! 

Steam Screenshot

The one thing though that is more irritating than all else though is the experience of immersion. When you are viewing objectives on the map, they tell you how hard they are to achieve. This is useful as you are starting out and are not experienced enough to take them on; however the difficulty level stays like this. It’s not like in Borderlands where as you gain more experience, the game tells you that the objective is not as difficult as it was once before. Here, it says something is very hard; then says its still very hard even when there is barely any more skills to achieve; in turn just putting you off from doing those tasks. The game also throws you off with it’s percentage of completeness as you can’t tell how much more of the main campaign there is to do, as even after you pass the halfway point, the game tells you that you have barely completed 30% of the game. 

Steam Screenshot

Throwing Spears at enemies is rather fun, and in the early stages the game works well as you begin to understand and experience more! But, after a while the immersion is gone, and you no longer feel as if you are living in this world, rather that you are just playing a game; which is rather disappointing on the whole! But throwing Spears remains fun!

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