Mini Book Review – Feed

Today, I finished reading Feed by M.J. Howes; and it was rather weird. Published in 2014 by Chicken House books; Feed is a teen science fiction/horror story about a young girl named Lola who lives on Earth under the watchful eyes of an alien menace who kidnap humans for food. The book was quite a weird read as it felt as if it was made in sections. The first 4 or 5 chapters all read and felt like they had been picked off from science fiction movies such as Skyline and War of the Worlds. Then the novel takes on it’s own form and the middle of the book was both interesting and captivating and told a story which was realistically dark but didn’t hold anything back just to make sure it drove it’s point in firmly. But then the book just sort of changed again, it became less about telling this finely deep truth in a science fiction setting, and more about emulating it’s own peers. The final third of the book felt like I was reading a cross between The Hunger Games and Divergent. It felt so generic and samey to those properties, and it had lost it’s own identity. The ending itself felt rather quick as if the published had put a quota or limit onto the author as to how big the book was allowed to be. Altogether Feed is a richly weird story; with a fine toothed comb running through it’s middle which is definitely worth of a read, but with a beginning and ending which sort of feel like they were added on.

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