Mini TV Review – Jessica Jones (Season 1)

I have just finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones; and it was, ok…I suppose. Starring Krysten Ritter in the title role, Jessica Jones follows the life of a brief former hero, turned private investigator; at least that’s how the show starts. Jessica Jones has a pretty good cast with essentially everyone putting on a good show with special mention for Ritter, David Tennant (who makes a cool bad guy), Rachael Taylor and Mike Colter, and the early stories aren’t too bad, it’s just it sort of lost me. The first few episodes following Jones as a PI were pretty engrossing, and her character was excellent. I wanted to keep watching as I was thoroughly engaged, but then the show just changed. It changed style, tone and plot with the show leaping into another direction. As a result, I just stopped caring. From the first few episodes I was hooked, then after a time I watched an episode every few months if I felt in the mood; in total it has taken me well over a year to watch 13 episodes. It’s not like the show gave up, it just tossed and turned like a bad night sleep, the only reason to keep watching was not necessarily for the climaxes, but for Ritter, Taylor, Colter and David Tennant shouting “JESSICA!”


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