Mini Video Game Review – BioShock

Last night I finished playing BioShock on the PC, and it was pretty fun. It’s not the first time I have played Bioshock; I once played it on my PS3, and have played it on the PC before, but this was the first time I completed it (on easy). Bioshock does have it’s issues; the maps and levels can be real head-scratching maze, and can take some time to complete; which was what put me off the game the previous time I played it. Due to this reason, this time I sort of more breezed through it. The city of Rapture is still pretty cool though and even after a whole decade on, can still cause you to look upon it in awe. The game on the whole is a fun experience. At heart, it is a solid shooter with plenty of bad guys to kill as well as options to grow your character. The story; while breezed through on this occasion, still comes with plenty of twists and turns to maintain a good level of interest, although I did feel as if the ending was just a bit too quick; as if the game was embarrassed by it’s own ending. Altogether though, pretty fun.

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