Movie Trailers – Watchmen

I remember when this film was due for release. At the start of 2009, it was the film on nearly everyone’s lips; especially after both Iron Man and The Dark Knight were released the previous year.

I have not seen Watchmen; I tried reading the book but didn’t really get anywhere with it. I wouldn’t mind giving the film a go; plus the new TV Series does look pretty interesting. The trailer for the movie is pretty cool though.


The film’s visual style is already evident in the first few seconds of the trailer as both the footage from the film, (plus the cool intersections which lead to the film’s title) appear immediately. We are then treated to a montage of footage depicting a futuristic looking vision of a past dystopia, one that features ships rising out of the sea, and action packed visions of action, fire and disasters; plus some strange blue people (who would once again appear in cinemas later that year). All the while this is going on we are treated to this dystopian soundtrack (The End Is The Beginning Is the End by The Smashing Pumpkins) which helps to paint an even grimmer future than the footage is already revealing.


As a movie trailer goes, this one is pretty cool. It doesn’t explain anything or go anywhere on plot details; all it does is show strange and eye catching imagery that makes you want to find out more. The trailer in that case then is almost perfect in comparison to the large number of trailers these days, which audiences consider as giving away too much information. But even before that, it’s pretty cool.

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