Mini Film Review – Little Man Tate

Over the last month or so, I have seen Little Man Tate in bits; and I thought it was both interesting, and rather heartbreaking. Directed by and starring Jodie Foster along with Diane Wiest and Adam Hann-Byrd; Little Man Tate follows the story of a lonely child prodigy who gets selected to attend a special summer school program. A very interesting and gripping premise, Little Man Tate is an explorative journey about a young boy who excels in education and the people he meets along the way. It’s real heart wrenching story though, because as time goes by, life just grows more and more sad for this poor character. Diane Wiest is a rather unsympathetic character by design who seeks more for glory than for a family. Meanwhile Adam Hann-Byrd has your attention gripped as you come to love and care for his character and so to go on a similar journey. Altogether it’s a really interesting film that will hook you in within seconds, and you won’t want to change the channel until it’s all over.

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