Mini Film Review – Joker

I have just been out to see Joker; and it was very Enjoyable, Ironically. Directed by Todd Phillips, and starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role; Joker is an origins story of the life and eventual rise of Batman‘s Archenemy. In this instance, instead of just jumping straight in with the ideas of The Killing Joke, Joker likes to really tell the story of the tragic life of the title character. The story is nicely paced as through a serious of unfortunate incidents; life, reality, and the world begin to unravel on a dark path for the title character, who begins to realise the world isn’t all how his mind is suggesting it is. Phoenix is amazing in the title role as you begin to care for this character as he begins to spiral out of control. Supported by those around him including Zazie Beetz and Robert De Niro, the film also makes good use of it’s timeline and frame, embracing the period and its culture to not just create a vision of the past, but to live in it also. The ending was a bit milked though; it felt like it had just been brought to a nice satisfying end, but then just kept it going with it. Altogether an incredibly enjoyable movie that will ironically leave a smile on your face as you leave the room.

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