Mini Video Game Review – Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

This week I have been playing Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger; and it’s ok I guess. Developed by Techland and released in 2013 by Ubisoft, Gunslinger is an installment in the Call of Juarez First-Person Shooter series set in the Wild West. The story follows a lone gunslinger telling tales about his experience. The shooting elements of the game are very well done and are very fun, plus the game really does reward you for your sharpshooting skills. The problems lie everywhere else though! The constant story telling as you play is a bit annoying after a time, but mostly as you are searching your head trying to figure out where-else you have heard that voice (John Cygan). The game in essence is really an on-rails-shooter, meaning that for the most time you are following a set path, which is double irritating because at times when it looks like you can choose your own way/route; the game takes that as sort of an insult, and makes everything that much more trickier for you! Some of the physics you will have experienced in other FPS games are out of the window too, as though whilst you can jump, it’s not all that high! The design and look of the game looks cool and relatively authentic, but it is a real shame that you can’t explore this good looking world. Damage can be taken but due to the lack of a health bar you won’t know that you’re taking any at first until you die, and in this game you will die a lot! It is a pretty fun game, but where there is fun, there are a couple of annoying things going on which are enough to rile you, and I am only a few chapters in the game. At most it’s more of an arcade FPS experience; something to play at times when you don’t have enough time to play much bigger games.

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