Mini Video Game Review – Two Point Hospital

I have recently been playing Two Point Hospital on the PC; and it’s pretty good! Developed by Two Point Studios; Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital originally produced by Bullfrog Productions in the mid 1990’s. Two Point Hospital shares a lot of traits similar to it’s predecessor, carrying over it’s comedy, it’s art style, and it’s core game mechanics. In a nutshell it’s a business simulation game where the player runs a hospital: building facilities, hiring staff and helping to cure bizarre ailments. The game is nice and easy to get going with as it really moulds into the player’s play style, going at their speed. Some of the game’s mechanics though are pretty hard to get into as some of the data you need to know, and how best to proceed isn’t really provided, meaning you end up just doing random things and from blind luck alone seem to turn a profit. Messages can also get a bit overbearing and for a facility that’s worth over a million in in-game-cash, it’s a shame you can’t sell off any shares to make easier money than taking out the obligatory loan! Those things aside; it’s a surprisingly relaxing experience and a fun one at that as you blend seamlessly into this new world of hospital management.

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