Mini Video Game Review – SimAirport

Recently I have been playing SimAirport; and have found it a real brain scratcher! Developed by LVGameDev, Sim Airport is a business simulation game where the player is tasked with building and running an airport. Many of the games main mechanics will come second nature to players as they are very similar to other games of this type, with particular mention going to Prison Architect in how things are built and run. The game’s art detail is a little off as it still looks a bit pixelated and doesn’t carry it’s own level of charm, trying to make the people look real; rather than cool or funky, but the planes do look pretty cool. The gameplay though is a real head scratching experience. It’s very hard to make money in this business so you will be relying on loans early on just to get something built-up, but paying back those loans doesn’t make any sense! Unlike other games where paying off a loan is automatic, here you have the luxury of discovering you have to pay it off manually and pay a surplus level of intertest that is taken out of your cash balance automatically. Other expenses removed from your daily budget are also surprising as you don’t see why that money is being taken off you, and the game should really create a Steam achievement for simply turning a profit, because then it may actually feel worth it! Other issues the game has includes passengers roaming around behind ticketing desks and staying there for no reason at all. It’s a game I want to enjoy, as it features construction, management and planes, but it’s hard just to get moving, there’s no early simplicity just to get you going/on your feet/make money, so when problems arise; there just doesn’t feel any reason to continue!

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