Mini Video Game Review – Northgard

Recently I have been playing Northgard on the PC; and it was pretty enjoyable! Developed by Shiro Games, Northgard is a Real-Time-Strategy game inspired by Norse Mythology. In the game, players take control of a warband of Vikings, exploring a new land with some mystical identities. Each game, players have to set-up a settlement, gather resources and explore the land to complete objectives. They will also need to keep an eye out on the weather and their citizens happiness. The game is like a mix of many great Strategy Games like Age of Empires and Tropico, but it’s not on as big a scale. The settlements are small, and the armies are like bands of brigands than a whole empire. The design of the world and it’s occupants is fun and charming, and kind of like the old Warcraft strategy games. The resource gathering is simple but also complex, and is more like resource gathering in a board game, like Imperial Settlers; it’s small but feels more valuable, and any drop in production can feel like a real strain. At first it was hard to get into, but then again it’s not a full on strategy game, it’s actually much smaller, and easier to enjoy in small bursts than a whole day of gameplay.

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