Mini Video Game Review – Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Recently I have been playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the PC; and it’s been rather annoying! Developed by Sledgehammer Games; Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the 11th major installment in the Call of Duty series of First-Person-Shooter video games. Set in the not too distant future, the game revolves around a young soldier who gets promoted to a swanky new job working for a Private Military Company. The game has some good supporting characters like Gideon (Gideon Emery) and Ilona (Angela Gots), and it is fun to try out some futuristic technology and weapons; but that’s sort of where the fun stops! The levels can feel a bit too long and complex for what are actually small snippets. The gameplay isn’t very varied, as most levels are straight-up battles, compared to the more interesting stealth levels which are few in number. Areas of gameplay are annoying at times as NPC’s just get in, or push you out of the way; and you can’t move through a section of a level until all enemies are defeated in one area, which makes the race/rush levels; where you are trying to intercept someone, feel very unrealistic! The story is rather predictable, and the cutscenes are way too long; and if you save and reload later, you have to watch them all the way through again; as far as I could find, there is no skip key. You’ll be doing that a lot too, as the longer you play for, the more lag the game generates (in single-player). There is some fun to this game; but neither a lot or enough to make up for it’s deep failings!

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