Land Of The Evil Genius

On a far away island,

hidden from the eyes of the world,

A person with a plan,

plots the demise,

Of civilization!

They start with a corridor,

Then a barracks,

A control room,

A safe for their cash,

And don’t forget power!

They recruit men,

From all works of life,

Like military,


And hotels?

They set out their evil plan,

Cause havoc all over the world,

Create new fiendish contraptions,

Build a hangar for the rocket,

Plus a canteen for their own workers!

Agents fly-in from across the map,

Aiming to bring an end to the fiendish plan,

They vandalize,



Everything is going well,

Money is pouring in,

Chaos is being sewn,

But wait,

Their only allowed to have 100 minions?

What happens next?

Maybe a new island?

What will the Doomsday Device be?

I don’t know!

You are the one playing the game!

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