ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live is an artillery strategy game developed by KChamp Games and inspired by MS-DOS tank games like Scorched Earth. In the game, players take control of a 2D Tank which is on a 2D landscape with other tanks, and during their turn must move their tank into the best position they can, select a weapon, change the course of the weapons trajectory, and let the weapon fly! Depending on how much power the player used, and at what trajectory they set their gun at, the weapon will fly across the screen, with the intention of causing as much damage as possible to an enemy player’s tank. The player/players left standing (i.e. not destroyed) wins the game.


The weapons a player is provided with at the start of each game are random, and are also based on what the player has unlocked throughout their ShellShock Live career. These aren’t the standard weapons you would normally find on a tank, as these choices range from the believable to the strange, and then the ridiculous. Simple weapons range from sniper shots, to rapid fire options, the strange include markers for AC-130 bombardments; and the ridiculous include Earthquakes and Firework displays.

Steam Screenshot

The soundtrack is epic and memorable, using a simple but very effective operatic and classical section which creates dramatic pieces to bring to life the simple but effective Flash graphics of the game. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since your last game, these pieces of music will return to your head at some point in the future.

ShellShock Live is a very simple and very easy game to pick-up, creating exciting gameplay for both novices and perfectionists alike. There is plenty of re-play-ability as you want to unlock more weapons and backgrounds, plus the simple design in graphics and in gameplay makes it simple to pick up and play, whilst also creating one of the most exciting battlefields in the history of video gaming!


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