Mini Video Game Review – Kerbal Space Program

Recently, I have been re-playing Kerbal Space Program; and it’s been alright, at best! Developed by Squad; Kerbal Space Program is a flight simulation game that puts the player in control of a space program. During the game the player will need to build new rockets/spaceships, and attempt to make them fly into outer space and beyond. The game from the beginning is relatively fun, but the tutorial is rather long and wordy; it’s helpful, but taking those lessons into the actual game is much easier said than done. When you get a vehicle into space, or when you get it into orbit, you feel a strong wave of accomplishment, but then to go beyond that creates a head splitting amount of stress as everything starts to go wrong. Whilst this could be argued as being part of the learning process, this does not help when to understand what is truly going on; you need to be a bit of a genius. As you play on, you just wish that maybe these things could be a lot more easier than realistic! It has it’s merits, but these are pretty short lived; hopefully the sequel will be a lot more straight forward!

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