Mini Video Game Review – Viscera Cleanup Detail

Recently I have been playing Viscera Cleanup Detail; and it’s strangely relaxing! Developed by RuneStorm, Viscera Cleanup Detail is a cleaning simulation game where the player needs to cleanup the aftermath of a strange incident! Each level involves having the player mop the floors, clear away rubbish, and burn litter strewn across the map. But it’s not entirely that simple, as the waste involves the left over carcasses of humans and aliens with plenty of blood to mop up. It’s a strange experience that’s similar in many respects to the original Half-Life, as most of the time you’ll have you mind on the job in hand, but there are plenty of clues across the level to fill in a story, as to what on earth happened. The game’s physics are a little annoying at times, as objects seem to fly all over the shop for no reason, plus the completion of levels can be a bit annoying as you can’t tell what you are missing (plus I don’t know the sniffer works); but on the whole it’s a very relaxing experience as the plot is taken out of your control, and all you need to do is get the job done!

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