X-Men Characters ABC

A is for Apocalypse,

B is for Bishop,

C is for Cyclops,

D is for Deadpool,

E is for Elixir,

F is for Fantomex,

G is for Gambit,

H is for Hope,

I is for Iceman,

J is for Jubilee,

K is for Kitty Pryde,

L is for Legion,

M is for Maggot,

N is for NorthStar,

O is for Onslaught,

P is for Psylocke,

Q is for Quicksilver,

R is for Rogue,

S is for Storm,

T is for Thunderbird,

U is for U-Go Girl,

V is for Viper,


W is for Wolverine,

X is for X-23,

Y is for Yukio,

Z is for Zeitgeist.

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