Mini Video Game Review – Good Company

Recently I have been playing Good Company on the PC, and it’s very enjoyable! Developed by Chasing Carrots; Good Company is a tycoon management game where the player has to run a technology company, creating products and managing production lines. The game has some awkward controls as rather than panning the camera around the screen, you move a little character instead. This can be a double edged sword at times as sometimes the camera will break from him, and in order to manage production lines you need to pause and un-pause the game quite a lot. So far the game has a limited number of product options, but the customization and creation of them is a very pleasing exercise. It can be hard to make money at times, and when in free-play, expanding your business doesn’t seem entirely worth it as you make about as much money as you were making before, rather than an increase in funds. It has it’s detractions, but it is a very fun game; the campaign mode is a great way to get into the feel of it, and you do find yourself becoming ever more committed to the completion of tasks. So on the whole; Fun!

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