Mini Video Game Review – Borderlands 3

I have just finished the campaign for Borderlands 3; and it was really Good! Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 3 is an Action Role Playing First Person Shooter game; where the player takes on the role of a mercenary tasked with saving the galaxy! Borderlands 3 is the quintessential Borderlands experience; it features many of the aspects that made the first one so great and throughout it’s entirety features little reminders of the previous main installments, whilst also providing the same elements of humour as well as that very atmospheric soundtrack. There are whole new worlds to discover, great new characters to meet, whilst also packing in some amazing twists and turns to keep you going when it all feels like it is coming to an end! Some elements of the game are questionable, as the whole travelling from planet to planet system seems unnecessary as you can just fast travel to some locations at will. Also some extra little challenges aren’t unlocked until the very near the end which is sort of annoying, plus I’m pretty sure there are many characters from previous games who don’t show up at all! Those issues are relatively minor though, compared to the astonishing array of things you can get up to in this installment alone!

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