31 Things

This year I turned 31 years of age; so I thought I would do a list of things I have done/achieved over the course of my 31 years on this planet so far! Before I begin though, I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to my friend Matt for making the awesome title of image for this post. Please check out the videos on his YouTube channel, they are pretty funky and funny! So in no particular order here are 31 things I have done so far; Enjoy!

1. Went Clay Pigeon Shooting in Coniston with my friend Steve.

2. Was a camper at Root Hill Camp for 10 years (11 camps in total).

3. Passed my driving test first time.

4. Graduated from UCLAN with a 2:1 in Creative Writing and Screenwriting.

5. Published a collection of Short Stories on Amazon.

6. Have seen both WWE and TNA live at the Manchester Arena.

7. Played a lot of Board Games.

8. Baked Cakes.

9. Have been learning Bass Guitar.

10. Have watched 33 Godzilla Films.

11. Organized Board Game nights.

12. A monologue I wrote was made into a short film.

13. Lived briefly in Middlesbrough.

14. Saw Bridget Christie live at The Dukes.

15. Have watched a lot of Japanese films.

16. Collected Pokémon cards.

17. Have owned six different Nintendo consoles.

18. Visited many Narrow Gauge Railways.

19. Came second in a pavement art competition.

20. Came second in a Short Story competition.

21. Have had stories and poems published in collections.

22. Written scripts for my friend Matt’s animations.

23. Attended Animex three years in a row.

24. Hit triple 20 in Darts.

25. Organized a Curry and Quiz Night at church for four years.

26. Have been to see the Musical Firework Championships in Southport several times.

27. Visited Norway on a family cruise.

28. Read a lot of books.

29. Bought a custom built Gaming PC.

30. Lived with at least five Cats (not all at once).

31. Made a lot of Friends along the way.

Plus many more…

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