Mini Video Game Review – Automachef

Recently I have been playing Automachef; and it’s really good! Developed by Team17, Automachef is a puzzle game where the player is asked to design a fully automated kitchen. Players are given a limited amount of space, some items of machinery, and recipes to follow, and have to design a kitchen area to make specific items of food, as cheaply and efficiently as possible. The game is an easy one to get into, but trickier to master as sometimes you have very limited space to get stuff done, whilst also facing the possibility of orders expiring. It’s a real head scratcher of an experience as at times it will feel like a level is impossible; but then feel a real wave of relief and accomplishment as you complete it. Plus, the game is not just limited to the main campaign missions either, as the game features other options of play too, including a contracts mode!

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