Top 5 Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park

I like Dinosaurs, and I like Jurassic Park; that makes the Jurassic Park films something of a double whammy of excitement! Of course it would be near impossible to have no dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, as it’s the whole reason for the film’s existence. The film’s are literally about Dinosaurs being brought back to life and put on display in a theme park; can you imagine what they would be about with no dinosaurs (perhaps maybe a story of an archeological dig in a public park; but it wouldn’t be any where near as exciting)?


So, as we have just gone over, Jurassic Park is a film series that features dinosaurs being brought back to life; but which dinosaurs stand out more than most? Well, I thought it might be fun to do a post featuring my personal favorites. Now unfortunately some Dinosaurs were not so lucky in getting picked for the Top 5, so here is a mini list of other cool dinosaurs from Jurassic Park:

Compsognathus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Spinosaurus.

With all that out of the way, here are my Top 5 Favourite Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park; Enjoy!


5. Mosasaurus – OK, yes, Mosasaurus isn’t exactly a dinosaur, but in my defense there are some other discrepancies in the series (such as the Velociraptors), so I think I am allowed to put the Mosasaurus on this list! Anyway, the Mosasaurus was an integral part in making the Jurassic World series go off with a bang! The scene where it feeds on a Great White Shark presents the idea of the island becoming a more corporate identity like SeaWorld, appealing to the mass market audience; and it also gives the cinema audience something to say wow too, plus feel a craving for more. It becomes an integral part in the film’s finale, plus creates ideas for future films after what happens in Fallen Kingdom.


4. Parasaurolophus – Parasaurolophus is not an essential/integral part of any of the films in the series; but that does not make it any less funky! Parasaurolophus is a really funky dinosaur with a terrific look and a majestic horn on it’s head, plus it’s sheer size is amazing, especially for a herbivore. It’s place in the series has been more of a supporting role, being a featured creature in the first two films. It does though get a moment in The Lost World; whilst being chased by hunters when Roland Tembo calls it ‘Elvis‘, as he is unable to read his sheet. This scene then develops a little more as it shows how cruel the hunters are in what they are trying to do!


3. Dilophosaurus – I do feel sorry for the Dilophosaurus; it had one of the coolest, if not one of the most iconic moments in the entire series, but hasn’t really been featured in any film since. Yes it got a diorama in Fallen Kingdom and appeared as a hologram in Jurassic World, but it’s just not the same without it! It’s a shame, because the creature is almost suited to either be the unexpected hero at the end of a film, or become the lead villain in a mini horror film. Maybe one day the Dilophosaurus will return…maybe?


2. Tyrannosaurus – The Tyrannosaurus is an awesome dinosaur within the series, and the film works hard to make it’s debut in the series a memorable one, and then keep it going. It is possibly the most famous and well known species of Dinosaur in the world, so it was important to feature it and do it right! But at no point could it be considered a villain like the Indominus Rex or Velociraptors; as it’s really just a big flesh eating dinosaur! The film’s portray this by showing that it is a serious threat due to it’s ferocity and sheer size, but also by putting it in situations where it becomes an unlikely and unexpected hero; which make you just fall in love with it!


1. Brachiosaurus – The Brachiosaurus is a very important dinosaur in the film series as it’s the first one anyone sees. Yes there is a fleeting glimpse of a Velociraptor at the start of the film, but the first Dinosaur we see in full view is the Brachiosaurus. It’s a truly magical moment with a magical score, and the Brachiosaurus is a fun and majestic creature within the film as it’s first appearance instantly sums up the entire film in just a couple of minutes. But then on the other side, the presence of a Brachiosaurus creates one of the series more harrowing moments as one is left behind in Fallen Kingdom; creating a truly sad and heartbreaking scene! These two moments though sum up why the Brachiosaurus is a stand out creature within the film series!

Which is your favourite?

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