Mini Film Review – Gamera The Brave

I have just watched Gamera The Brave; and it was really enjoyable! Directed by Ryuta Tasaki, and starring Ryo Tomioka, Kaho, and Kanji Tsuda; Gamera the Brave is the twelfth and (currently) last film in the Gamera film series. The film follows a young boy who one day finds a turtle hatching from an egg, and as the days pass by; the turtle grows at an exceptional rate! Having watched the Gamera Heisei Trilogy a few times, it was nice to watch a film with a different story, and a different take on the character; this one following it’s birth, and the relationship it has with a group of kids. The film’s final battle crawls along at a slow pace; but earlier fights are exciting and enjoyable. The real treat in this film though is the relationship’s between the baby turtle, and the group of friends who look out for him. It’s a sweet and touching drama about the importance and joy in friendship, but is still able to cause headscratching moments of mystery, and top notch scenes of good old monster destruction!

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