Top 10 PC Games I Played In 2020

I played a lot of PC Games in 2020, possibly a whole lot more than I played in the previous year for what is probably an obvious reason! Anyway, much like I have done over the last couple of years, here is a list of particular highlights I would like to share with you. Now, due to me playing more games this past year, there are more highlights than the previous years, so this time around I thought I would do a top 10 list instead of the usual Top 5. This still means though that there are some games which sadly have not been great enough to reach the top 10; but just so that they can get a mention anyway, here are those other cool games I played in 2020:

Boxing School, Mr. Prepper: Prologue, Little Big Workshop, Planet Zoo, Learn To Fly 3, Drill Deal: Borehole (Alpha), Far Cry New Dawn, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

And so; without further ado, hear are the Top 10 PC Games I Played in 2020; Enjoy!

Steam Screenshot

10. Automachef – Automachef was a nice but interesting puzzle game where you design an automated kitchen for restaurants. The setups for each level in the main game were a lot like Rollercoaster Tycoon, where you had a brief and needed to fulfill it to a very specific amount of detail. You needed to avoid using too much power, and create very little waste, in the hope of creating the best and most economical kitchen. It was a lot of fun!

Steam Screenshot

9. Rocksmith 2014 Edition: Remastered – This was a game I received from a friend over a year ago, but needed to wait until I got the correct lead for it, as it was a game where I could play it with my own Bass Guitar. Plenty of songs to play, along with many more which could be purchased off Steam, as well as some new songs to discover and enjoy too!

Steam Screenshot

8. Viscera Cleanup Detail – This was a game I have played before, but it wasn’t until this past year I was really able to appreciate what it was and how to play it. It’s a casual game where you cleanup after some major disaster. Levels could be big or small and you can play to the lengths of your hearts desire. At times the limited physics could be really annoying, but for the most part, it’s surprising how much cleaning up can be fun!

Steam Screenshot

7. Northgard – Northgard is a Viking themed strategy game where you explore a new world for your clan, battle massive monsters, and try to create a thriving community. From the start it was hard to not get mixed up with games like Age of Empires when playing it. The gameplay is more similar to tabletop games than strategy video games, and when you get that in your head, it becomes much simpler and more enjoyable to play; with a graphic style similar to the old Warcraft strategy games!


6. Evil Genius – Again, this is a game I have played a lot of before, but gets a special mention this year as this year I have finally completed the main game. Before I would get to a point where I couldn’t care less or it was too difficult and play something else. With a little help from a population cheat; I was finally able to conquer this game!

Steam Screenshot

5. Good Company – This game was an interesting idea, and an addictive one once you get to grips with how it works. The idea is about building an electronics company without affecting human employment in favor of machines. The variety of products you can design is interesting, with plenty of customizable options. The gameplay interface is interesting too as you use it to control your company’s CEO more than the camera, so it’s like actually being there, like a manager mode rather than a planning mode. There are plenty of campaign levels to get stuck into, but if you just want to test and explore the world, there is also a cool sandbox mode too!


4. – I discovered this one late on in the year, but played it for hours and hours at a time! It’s a game where you build factories to manipulate and manufacture shapes of increasing difficulty. You are asked to create a certain kind of shape, and bring it back to the hub, so you build mines to harvest shape parts and colours to the paint them, then build factories to create the required shapes. You then build more of these factories to increase production. It was an addictive experience which was incredibly satisfying to play!


3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – I received a copy of this game from my brother a couple of years ago, along with a copy of Ground Zeroes, which I played first; and as a result wasn’t desiring a play of the full game any time soon! Gave it a go this year, and played it and almost nothing else for a few months! The campaign levels were a bit of a detractor because some gameplay elements were only learned in those levels, and in the end I stopped playing it because I struggled with a major boss fight. The side ops missions though were were extremely enjoyable, particularly in the effort of trying to grab resources and capturing enemy troops. The game on the whole was a lot of fun, and one I didn’t want to stop playing!


2. Destiny 2 – It wasn’t until after Destiny 2 transferred from to Steam that I finally was able to give this a go. Within hours of my first few games, I was pretty much hooked. Destiny 2 had a set-up very similar to Borderlands in the idea of bounties and quests to develop characters. Whilst there were single player levels to dive into, once I tried some of the online elements, I didn’t want to do anything else, particularly Gambit matches. In the end I stopped playing it after a major update sort of wiped a few elements off; but I will probably play it again at some point!


1. Borderlands 3 – Borderlands is one of my favourite video game series; and this past year I was able to play the latest installment, and enjoyed every single second of it. It was like playing the first game all over again, but not being hampered down by just exploring Pandora, but a whole galaxy of locations. The world’s had their own unique charms, and it was great to meet old and new characters (although it felt like the roster was pretty limited). Featuring many of the elements that made the previous two main entries fun, and then doubling them up; Borderlands 3 was an amazing and incredibly enjoyable game!

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