Mini Video Game Review – Infinifactory

Recently, I have been playing Infinifactory; and it’s been really enjoyable! Developed by Zachtronics; Infinifactory is a puzzle game where the player needs to create shapes for an alien race. The game is pretty easy to dive into, but still tricky to master as you are given an objective to follow, then need to create a process to make the required shape. You are given the pieces you need and are supplied with additional processes as the game goes on. The game also features a plot, but one that you may or may not discover as the game goes on, similar to Half-Life and Portal in that it’s there if you want it or not. The only real issue with the game is the build menu as it can become frustrating as you try to select something, but then it isn’t selected sometimes. But apart from that big-ish niggle, it’s a very engrossing puzzle game.

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